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Let’s be clear about vegan beer

This spring we have launched our very first vegan beer, New Dawn. Full of fruity hops, New Dawn has a juicy and fresh taste with a hint of citrus. It’s a refreshing burst of flavour, perfect for spring and summertime drinking.

As readers will know, traditionally, the quality of a good beer is often judged by its clarity. To achieve a clear beer, ‘finings’ are used towards the end of the brewing process, substances that are commonly made from an animal product, such as gelatine or isinglass.

So, in deciding to develop our first vegan friendly beer, we faced a quandary: how can we achieve the same clarity without using the very product that would make it vegan un-friendly?

Instead we took a bold decision. We decided to focus all our efforts on creating a vegan beer that tastes magnificent. We accepted that by using a different process, we would create a different product, because change is a good thing!

New Dawn is unfined, naturally hazy and totally vegan. When you see a pint of New Dawn poured, don’t be put off by its cloudiness – be intrigued. You can take our word for it, it tastes great and it is available to buy now from our brewery shop in Neepsend, in bottles and kegs.

Berlin Black bags gold
We were delighted to bag a gold award from SIBA Beer X last month, for our Berlin Black in the Best British Strong Dark Beer category. We’ve been busy brewing up a dark storm of Berlin Black, made with Weyermann smoked malt and topped off with cold brewed coffee from our friends over at Frazers Coffee. It will be available at the end of April in bottles and kegs from our brewery shop, keep an eye out.

Sheffield Brewery Co. on tour
We took real ale to the masses this month, delivering a beer masterclass and revealing some of the secrets of running a microbrewery. This was part of Meadowhall’s new programme of ‘Sessions’, designed to give an insight into the many different industries and crafts that are prominent in Sheffield. Our Beer Session went well, and we had very happy punters at the end of it who had not only tasted great beer but had learnt about what makes a great beer. We’ll be running more sessions with Meadowhall over the next few months, keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages for details.

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