Fuggle Bunny Hits Kelham Island with Pa’s Bar

There is a new bar in town in the vicinity of the lovely Kelham Island area of the city.  This new venture is the dream of a guy called Coenon and his father, sadly his father never saw their dream flourish, so Coenon has worked tirelessly to complete and open PA’s Bar & Bistro.

This warm and friendly little gem has a selection of drinks but has chosen our multi award winning Fuggle Bunny Brew House limited to supply the cask ale side of the bar.   Therefore there will be a selection of three handpulls serving our fuggletastic quaffable ales.

So don’t forget to show your support for another new venture in the city and Hop in whenever you are in the area, you will not be disappointed.  Good luck to Coenon and his wife, family and team… I am sure your dad will be looking down on you feeling very proud at what you have accomplished.

Wendy, Fuggle Bunny Brewhouse

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