Welbeck Abbey Brewery

As the cold nights drawn in and the cool air blows fresh, we are winding down to a slower pace with these Autumnal specials.

Lost Boys is a complex brew crafted using British Propino barley blended with Kentish Pilot, and new world hops. This robust 4.8% golden ale is a tribute the swathes of young men that were lost during The Great War. Within the Welbeck Chapel a cast bronze plaque records the names of the fallen, many of whom served in the local regiments; the Sherwood Foresters and the Nottinghamshire Yeomanry. Hearty, bready undertones from the malt and a sharp bitterness from the Pilot hops are uplifted by tropical fruits from the American varieties.

Our second offering is Fruit Arcade, a juicy American ale at 4.7%. The Fruit Arcade was a large glass house at Welbeck which famously housed a phenomenal collection of tropical fruits from all over the world. This included one of the first successful cultivations of Pineapples. This recipe uses a blend of hops from three different regions to give a fresh and clean fruit punch flavour , with an overarching grapefruit flavour from Chinook.

Last but by no means least we have our next offering from our Foraged & Found range. Smashing Pumpkins is a 5.7% auburn pumpkin pale, brewed using over 100kg of farmer Mark’s locally grown pumpkins. Displaying a high level of natural sweetness, the pumpkins have been paired with a secret mix of autumnal spice to make a deliciously warming, red beer.

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