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This month, we’re looking forward to unveiling the first of a new artwork series for 2020, showcasing my personal favourite little piece of kit, our hop back! Originally our very first mash tun, and now used to ensure our beers benefit as much as possible from delicate hop oils and aromas that would otherwise be boiled away and lost, it’s a special part of our brewing process and we’re looking forward to giving it a bit of glory on our pumpclips this year. Final details of which hops we’re using in the first of the series are still to be confirmed, but we can promise a refreshing and quaffable pale ale from this one. Doctor Morton’s Ship’s Biscuit (4.1%) is making a comeback after a long absence, having last been seen in 2013! An easy drinking beer, well balanced with floral notes and a gentle spiciness. We’ve also got Demon coming up, a golden beer with a biscuity backbone from the addition of Vienna malt, and Bobek and Spalt hops for an earthy, piney character, balanced by notes of citrus. And a classic stout (4.8%) is to be the next version of Salvation, we’re looking forward to going a little bit back to basics with this one. Also in the Brewers’ Emporium range, after 21 different versions we are having a return of the original Voyager recipe! Citra, Centennial and Mosaic hops get together to provide a clean and juicy body to this flavoursome, fruity IPA (5.6%). Finally, look out for Funk Dungeon – Chapter 3: Heavy Nettle. A punchy, spicy saison weighing in at 6.66% and packed full of locally foraged nettles… our brewers don’t half go the extra mile for these beers! Cheers! Laura.

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