Steel City Brewing

Steel City’s collab with Freigeist ‘Mein Herz Brennt’ is doing the rounds now after a launch in cask form at the Shakespeare winter fest. Sweet malt balances sharp acidity and fruity hops in this resurrection of the extinct Berliner Braunbier style. Also currently in the wild is the Reise Reise variant with the addition of redcurrant and cranberry, while Blitzkriek has been tucked away in a red wine barrel with cherry and redcurrant. The first brew of 2020 was on the minikit. Following the surprise totally expected success of the barbecue stout Lucienne off of the Shakespeare was invited back along with McGregor off of the Facebooks to brew a Hoi Sin Stout. Too Drunk to Duck has a similar profile to the BBQ, but this time the adjuncts are plum, five spice, cardamom, chilli, and muscovado sugar. The second brew is an exciting development but patience is needed – London Beer Factory are bringing their mobile coolship giving SCB and Lost Industry an introduction to the world of spontaneous fermentation. Two brews will be done, the first is in three wine barrels in Sheffield and the second is going back to That London to ferment in wine barrels there. The brew is part of a series by LBF where they brew a broadly similar recipe at various breweries and take the coolship out to pick up local wild yeasts. Steel City will be keeping the barrels for at least a year, and are looking at the possibility of repeating the process in 2021 and 2022, with the eventual aim being to blend the 1, 2, and 3 year old beers to make a ‘Yorkshire Ersatz-Lambiek’.

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