Breweries offering home delivery

Whilst many pubs are closed and in Sheffield we aren’t generally allowed to meet friends & family we don’t live with, it being a tier 3 Covid alert area, you may be choosing to enjoy beer at home. That doesn’t have to mean supermarket booze though, a number of our local breweries sell beer in bottles, cans and minikegs and some will even deliver to your door if you order enough!

For those that do small pack but don’t deliver, don’t forget your friendly independent beer shop may sell it (including some that deliver such as Hop Hideout, Beer Central or the Beer Stop at Dronfield).

There are also some pubs (and also the Archer Road Beer Stop off-licence) that can sell you fresh hand-pulled cask beer to go in carry out cartons.

Here is a list of breweries based in Sheffield or close by that we know deliver to addresses in Sheffield:

Intrepid Brewing aren’t delivering but are operating a brewery shop on an ad hoc basis, check their Twitter feed for opening hours.

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