Introducing Bradfield Kerry

Bradfield Brewery has recently released a limited edition of 500 numbered 750 ml bottles of their new 7.5% Kerry imperial stout. Only available from the brewery shop and with limited social media advertising, within less than a week, this was a sell-out.

Like most Bradfield beers, this stout is named after a breed of cow. ‘Kerry’ is appropriate as the breed hails from Ireland, ’the home of stout,’ and is coloured black with white udders. It also, like a strong stout, enjoys a long life.

Brewed using a variety of speciality malts, this bottle conditioned Imperial Stout is full-bodied, smooth and rich. It has a complex mouth feel with bold roasted coffee and rich chocolate flavours.

Imperial stouts derive from the strong versions of beer and porter brewed in London in the C18th and C19th for export to Russia and the Baltic States. Warming alcohol is often noticeable due to the relatively high alcohol content. The wood aging can also produce caramel and vanilla flavours. The most well-know is probably Courage Imperial Russian Stout which was originally brewed by Courage, Barclay and Perkins for Catherine the Great of Russia.

Each bottle was carefully hand-filled, labelled, numbered and waxed by the three brewers: Kieran Chadwick, Sam Jubb and Bruce Woodcock. Six and 12 month bourbon and whisky barrel aged editions will follow this initial batch. Credit is also due to local designer, Anthony Corrigan whose drawing takes centre stage on every bottle.

What commenced as a lockdown project has materialised into an exciting new brew. We look forward to the next release.


About Dave Pickersgill

Dave has been a CAMRA member since the 1970s and has worked at almost 40 Sheffield CAMRA festivals, plus a fair number of others. He is Brewery Liaison Officer (BLO) for Abbeydale, Blue Bee, Bradfield and Loxley. A member of the National Pub Heritage Group, he leads on planning and pub heritage issues. He also edited the Sheffield's Real Heritage Pubs book, for which downloads vastly exceeded expectations. The hard copy was available in October 2018 and again in 2021. On both occasions, it was a sell-out. The 4th edition is available as a free download. Alongside Paul Crofts, Dave is co-local organiser for the 2023 National CAMRA Members’ Weekend, AGM & Conference which is planned to be held at the Octagon on 21-23 April. We hope to see you at this event.

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