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Firstly a big thanks to all who’ve joined us in celebrating our 25th anniversary so far by giving our special birthday releases a try! They should all still be around for the next few weeks so keep an eye out for Celebration (2.8% Mimosa Quarter IPA), Double Deception (8.2% Nelson Sauvin DIPA), Cryo Heathen (5.0% Mosaic Cryo hopped pale ale), Indulgence chocolate cake stout (7.0%) and Dr Morton’s Birthday Extravaganza (4.1% pale ale), plus this year’s vintage of Methuselah barrel aged stout (9.7%) which has mainly gone into can but might make it on to a bar or two as a very special release.

As well as all of that, we’ve got plenty of new beers coming out for September too.

We’ve got those snack cravings sorted with Doctor Morton’s Bag O Nuts (4.1%), extremely thirst quenching with Cascade hops, and completely nut free! The ever popular Larceny is making a return, a 4.2% pale ale hopped with Chinook and Columbus for grapefruity and piney flavours and a moreish bitter finish. And if the dark side is more your style, we’ve got you covered too with Salvation breakfast stout (5.4%) – complex and malty, with oodles of roasty toasty character, oats, maple syrup and coffee. Perhaps the most important beverage of the day!

And finally, later on in the month witnesses the first of our returning autumnal specials… yes, it’s almost time for our 5.0% pumpkin spiced ale, Pilgrim to make a comeback!


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