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It’s been a strange eighteen months for everybody but it has meant quite a few changes for us at Blue Bee Brewery. As Covid lockdowns hit we decided not to branch out into to any form of small pack as it was not something we have ever tried before, therefore the brewery was put into hibernation twice. However, towards the end of 2020 we made the decision to downsize the brewery. The brewery use to occupy two units on our industrial estate so we have now moved into one.  So the start of 2021 was a busy one even though we weren’t brewing any beer, we cleared out one unit, re jigged the brew plant, built a new office and cold store as well as having a good sort out and we are really pleased with the results. Although we now take up half the space we don’t intend on making half the beer as we are still brewing on the same 10 brewers barrel kit we have the capability to make the same amount of beer should demand allow it.

Anyway as things creep back to normal we are slowly ramping up production of cask beer. We have maintained our core beers of Reet Pale 4.0%, Hillfoot Best Bitter 4.0%, Triple Hop 4.3% and Tempest Stout 4.8% along with the ever changing American Five Hop 4.3%.

On top of this we have the following specials to look out for in September: firstly Azacca Zappa 3.9% is and American hopped session pale ale showcasing two varieties of US hops which impart citrusy flavours. Secondly Vanilla Stout 5.5% an oat stout brewed with the addition of fresh vanilla pods, so expect a nice sweet stout with smooth vanilla notes.

Finally we brewed our 700th beer in early August: Galaxy Enigma 5.0% is heavily hopped hazy pale ale showcasing two fantastic Australian hops. So it’s great to back brewing again and fingers crossed things keep going in the right direction.

Josh, Blue Bee.

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