Steel City Brewing

Steel City’s latest beer is Vlad the Invader, a collaboration (in concept at least!) with Team Toxic and Lost Industry brewed to raise funds for the Ukrainian relief effort. A mash heavy on roasted barley and chocolate malt was then boosted by the addition of demerara and muscovado sugars, giving a sweet rum-like finish and liquorice notes.  Styrian Wolf hops give bitterness to offset the sweetness and a lightly fruity aroma and a hint of coconut, while Ukrainian sunflower seeds add, erm, Ukrainianness mainly. The first cask flew out at the Rutland, a second has gone to Tom Said, a micropub in Ripley but actually for their mini-fest at their warehouse in Alfreton (29-30 April), and also donating their profits on the beer to Ukrainian aid. Kegs and cans have gone out to bars and shops across the country, and the brew raised around £800 for the DEC Ukraine appeal.

Another delivery from Speyside Cooperage enabled the start of the 2022 barrel aging programme, with rum and brandy barrels for an imperial stout, and another brandy barrel for the Astral Mariner Baltic porter. All three will be released in cask, keg and can towards the end of the year.

Dave Szwejkowski, Steel City Brewing.

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