Steel City Brewing

Remember a few years ago when Steel City blagged a collab at Weird Beard?

Well finally it was time for the return fixture! While Weird Beard has undergone a change of ownership and is currently relocating from up that London to up north, founder Bryan remains fully involved, and came to Sheffield to brew a proper DIPA with actual bitterness – remember them?

Dave and Bryan are both big fans of old skool IPAs with lots of bitterness and citrussy hops, and rue the lack of them these days. The recipe drew on Weird Beard’s ‘Holy Hoppin Hell’ and old Steel City recipes, and features a mix of American and Polish hops.

The result is ‘Russian warship, Go F**k Yourself’, a pale 9.8% brew, bone dry, with high bitterness (126IBU!) and citrus flavours. The brew was Steel City’s second for #brewforUkraine, with profits again donated to the DEC Ukraine Appeal. Between this and the earlier ‘Vlad the Invader’, nearly £1,500 has been raised for Ukraine humanitarian aid.

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