Railway, Wadsley Bridge

Many of you will remember Jack Cater and his dad Andy when they had the Railway on Bramall Lane as a good beer pub, until the Coronavirus pandemic marked the end of that era. They are now back in the pub game at another Railway, this time on Penistone Road North in Wadsley Bridge.

The Wadsley Bridge Railway was sold as the result of the retirement of the long-term landlady there and was potentially under the threat of demolition had it fallen into the wrong hands. It is a classic multi-room pub with a main lounge at the front and games/entertainment room at the back both served by a kiosk style bar, and a separate small room off to the side suitable for private meetings and get togethers. There is also a car park and small outdoor seating area at the rear.

Jack admits they still have quite a bit of work to get done after buying the pub with the decor beginning to look a bit shabby, however at the same time there was a pleasant surprise with the tiled floor in the entrance which had been covered up and will be kept!

This Railway is another pub that is likely to be busy on match days, although of course this time Sheffield Wednesday rather than United, which suits Jack as a season ticket holder at Hillsborough. The pub is a decent size and there is a range of mainstream beers on the bar to cater for football crowds wanting that, however there are also four handpumps serving local cask ales and a range of craft beers on the keg taps from the likes of Verdant, Deya, Pollys. Brewing by Numbers, Burnt Mill and Abbeydale breweries.

Like at their previous pub, there are signs of the longer established family business Amusement Caterers with a juke box, pool table, table football and table-top retro arcade games present in the back room. This room also has a stage and there is an intention to host live music in the future.

The Railway is easily reached by bus with routes 7, 8 and 86 from the City Centre and route 97 from Hillsborough Interchange passing the front door.

Initially the pub only opened at weekends, however they have now extended to full hours and are open Wednesday and Thursday 4pm to 11pm, Friday 2pm to 11pm, Saturday midday to midnight and Sunday 2pm to 10pm.

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