Steel City Brewery

Steel City’s collaboration brew-day at Fullers was a great success, though in true Steel City style things didn’t all run smoothly, with the computer system having to be completely rebooted mid-brew – in a brewery that size, if the computer’s not working, the brewery ain’t working! The brew process was a surreal experience for gazza and Dave, being mostly clicking a mouse and pressing keys – the only manual labour was tipping in hops (all 100+kg of them!). Big thanks to John Keeling for the invitation and hospitality, look out for Steel in selected local pubs (and apparently the M&B estate!). fullers-steel-pump-clipBack home, the lads skipped November brewing due to Dave playing dodge-the-typhoon around the Far East, but December will see a long-overdue stout. Unholy Trinity will be a coffee and chocolate stout featuring Bramling Cross and hopefully Sorachi hops, and is a three-way collaboration as Dave tries to clear the backlog he owes from ‘away’ collabs! Dave Unpronounceable

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