Abbeydale Brewery

We saw out the year with the highest sales ever seen at Abbeydale. As quick as the production team were filling the store room, our draymen were filling up their vans and delivering our beers throughout Yorkshire and beyond. Humbled and exhaust­ed by the demand, it was nice to have a few days off to recuperate! The New Year has also brought some new beers as well as the return of some old favourites: White Knight and Black Bishop. Last brewed in 2010, the pair of polar opposite ales make an appearance this month. The 4.5% White Knight is a beautiful blonde session ale with aromas of grapefruit and elderflower and flavours of citrus and pine. Contrasting this, the 4.2% Black Bishop is a full flavoured porter with a sweet and malty aroma. Driven by its complex roast malt and black treacle character, Black Bishop‘s pleasant bitterness is complemented with citrus and spices from the hops. Anyone who missed the exquisite dry hopped Dr. Morton’s Crispy Automatic Duck, you need not worry; the good Dr. will be cooking up some fantastic new pale and experimentally hoppy specials throughout February. Chronoform 4.1%, Reality Filter 4% and Pylon Climber 4.1% all will make an appearance this month. So, to those still going with New Year’s resolutions of gym sessions and healthy eating, make sure you find time for a pint or two, it’s what the Dr. ordered!

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