Blue Bee Brewery

The latest in the pUnK-tuation series is out. Solidus is described as a 5.4% ABV one-stop-hop-shop, deep gold/amber in colour. And that, folks, is a Solidus, nestling ‘twixt ‘gold’ and ‘amber’. The hops featured are Willamette (USA), Cascade (USA) and Admiral (UK). And fermented out to the sounds of the first Leatherface LP, for added wow-factor. After a cracking New Year’s Eve at the Cross Scythes on Derbyshire Lane to the south of Sheffield, King Bee Rich got chatting to Boss-of-the-Cross Steve. The result is that Blue Bee will be featured at the pub in February, with at least four different ales available on hand-pump; Solidus is likely to feature. Local artist Martin Bedford is putting on a monthly blues night at Bar Abbey on Abbeydale Road (under the old picture palace). He is calling it Honey Bee Blues Club, and approached Rich with a view to producing a special beer for the event. It will be 4.0% ABV, and similar to Nectar Pale. There is a wealth of local blues talent lined up; the first night in January featured The Mudcats and M&J Blues, amongst others. “Knock 3 times and say necessity sent you!”

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