Steel City Brewing

Steel City have dark and light beers doing the rounds at the moment. On the Dark Side is Unholy Trinity, brewed with David from Raw and Chris and Robin from the Shakespeare. The brew-day was going unbelievably well, until it came to time to transfer from the copper to the fermenter – the filter plate got clogged, so what should have been a 45 minute transfer took about 5 hours! It was worth it in the end, Unholy Trinity has come out as an intensely flavoured stout with massive coffee and chocolate taste. A variant was produced with half a bottle of rum in each cask, entitled Captain Morgan’s Revenge (after an Alestorm album, as well as the rum of course). On a lighter note, the latest brew is Phantom of the Hopera, and uses a standard Steel City mash of Low Colour Maris Otter and wheat malts. Hops are Admiral and Magnum for bittering, and Citra and Sorachi for flavour. The minikit saw its first action in its new home, and was used to brew Phantom IPA, essentially a stronger version of Phantom of the Hopera, featuring early runnings from Phantom, followed by almost the same bittering charge and the same ratio of flavour hops. Both ‘big brother’ and ‘little brother’ are dry hopped with Mosaic. Unholy Trinity, Captain Morgan’s Revenge and Phantom are all available in bottles from Beer Central – bottling has been a big success so far, with Beer Central shifting a hundred bottles of Communication Breakdown and All Hallows Eve in their first week! Finally, Hop Hideout are hosting a Steel City Meet the Brewer evening on Friday 21st March – only the second official MTB for Steel City. Beers expected to feature include All Hallows Eve, Unholy Trinity, Phantom of the Hopera, Phantom IPA, Grim Overlords (March’s planned collab with Great Heck), and one or two surprises! Places are limited to only 14, so don’t hang around – tickets available now from Hop Hideout.

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