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At the end of April the World Snooker Championship returns and we will see four beers from Blue Bee Brewery to celebrate the event. Brown Ball, Blue Ball and Pink Ball are welcome returns however we present something rather special for 2014.


Inhov the Black weighs in at 7% abv and is Blue Bee’s take on an Imperial Russian Stout. Richard describes this new creations as a vigorously hopped black stout with an enticing medley of five assorted malts and a carefully selected trio of hops.

And so to the pUnK zone, and the latest in the pUnK-tuation series of beers. Back in ’77, amid a storm of Filth and Fury, one of the most important, influential LPs ever was unleashed onto the world. The Sex Pistols’ “Never Mind The Bollocks” was an unrelenting, uncompromising assault on the senses. Blue Bee Section is a pale ale, hugely hoppy, and, by chance, an unrelenting, uncompromising assault on the senses. Hop Save The Queen. Bitter to the end.

Finally as the sun has appeared and winter feel like it is well and truly over, Light Blue (3.6%) can be seen on bars in and around Sheffield. 3.6% and very quaffable this pale ale is full of Summit Hops and bursting with flavour!


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Andy has been actively involved in CAMRA since the early 2000s after being recruited to sit on a National Younger Members Task Group. Since then he has held roles on the branch committee including Secretary, Membership Secretary, Magazine Editor, Chair and now Social Secretary. Andy has also been involved with the Steel City Beer & Cider Festival almost every year since becoming active in the branch.

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