Kelham Island Brewery

Beer number three in our light versus dark series arrives in April. Gentleman Death 6% is a devilishly delicious Baltic Porter brewed with the darkest of roasted malts and Polish hops. The aroma is sweet, toasted and seductive, the malty body is dangerously smooth and the after flavour is silky, satisfying and luscious. gentleman_death_pump For the Bolan fans 20th Century Boy 4.8% makes a return. A strong pale well hopped with a revolutionary selection of the best new world hops imported from Australia and skilfully blended for a stupendous aroma of lychee, passion fruit and melon. A glam rocker of a straw coloured ale so invigorating it will take you to T-Rextacy. 20thcenturyboy We still have a few spaces for our Whisky and Chocolate evening on Friday 21 March. Former Savoy Group somellier, Barry Starmore, will present and interesting selection of whisky paired with a chocolate selection from ‘Cocoa Wonderland’ on Ecclesall Road. For details of this and all upcoming events check our website.

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