Kelham Island Brewery

Beer number four in our light versus dark series arrives in May. Mistress  Flames 5%  is an elegant Ruby Mild brewed with a sophisticated blend of amber, chrystal and black malts for a lavish sweet mild with caramel and malt flavours & subtle liquorice notes. A smooth, rouge, flamboyant mild for CAMRA’s mild in May. Our other seasonal for May is California Drinking 4.8% . A chilled out amber Californian common style beer brewed to an authentic American recipe using Cascade and Northern Brewers hops for a fresh fruity and woody aroma. The beer is fermented using a lager yeast at high temperatures followed by a prolonged cool conditioning period. This gives an extra sparkle and a smooth zesty fruit character.

Beer for the barbecue

Don’t forget the Kelham Brewery Shop, open in the week until 4pm and until 5pm on Saturdays. California Drinking could be the ultimate BBQ beer and will be available in 5 Litre (8.8pint) Minikegs – while stocks last !!

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