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Elland Brewery Celebrate Their National Triumph

  Elland 1872 Porter was recently named ‘Champion Winter Beer of Britain’ for second time in three years and a few days ago Maureen and Neil at the Junction pub in Castleford found themselves hosting another award ceremony. As winner of CAMRA’s Supreme Champion Winter Beer of Britain 2015 for 1872 Porter, Elland Brewery requested that their recent National CAMRA award be presented at the pub. CAMRA officials, headed by Nik Antona, Champion Winter Beer of Britain Director gathered with brewers, enthusiastic beer lovers and locals at the pub last Thursday. In presenting the certificate, Nik said: “Elland 1872 is a fantastic example of what a traditional porter should taste like and has been hugely popular for many years, particularly it seems with competition judges, who have named it Champion Winter Beer of Britain twice and overall Champion Beer of Britain once in the last three years – a huge achievement.” The winning 6.5% ABV beer is described in CAMRA’s 2015 Good Beer Guide as a “creamy, full-flavoured porter with rich liquorice flavours and a hint of chocolate from the roasted malt. A soft but satisfying after taste of bittersweet roast and malt.” Mike Hiscock, Elland Brewery Manager, commented: “It’s absolutely fabulous to win the Champion Winter Beer of Britain, though we certainly weren’t expecting this, it is amazing to get the hat trick and win this award for the third time. We know it is independently judged so for it to keep coming out on top is testament to the depth of flavour and complexity that we get into the beer. This really is fantastic news. We chose the Junction to host the event because Maureen and Neil are great supporters of our brewery, the Junction is the Wakefield CAMRA Branch Pub of the Year and because it provided the opportunity to drink our beers from the wood, notably the aged version of our Champion beer from a Bourbon cask.” Licensee Maureen Shaw said “Neil and I are both delighted and most honoured that Elland Brewery asked us to host such a prestigious National CAMRA event.” High quality beers served from Elland brewery in the wood are regularly found on the bar at the Junction. The 1872 Porter features frequently but never lasts long. We now know why!

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