Science, history and brewing at Kelham Island Industrial Museum

As it was both National Science Week and Sheffield Beer Week, it was appropriate to have a beer-themed Science event at the venue of the Sheffield CAMRA Beer Festival. Hence, on Wednesday 18th.March, over 30 Science/Beer buffs arrived at the Millowners Arms to be greeted by a pint of Pale Rider from Kelham Island Brewery (KIB). This was followed by a short talk on Sheffield Brewery history from ex-Sheffield CAMRA Chairman, John Dowd. Then utilising various samples, Nigel Turnbull, Head Brewer at KIB explained the brewing process. Participants then adjourned to the classroom where Bob Kibble, Member of the Institute of Physics and the Chair of Doncaster CAMRA took them through their paces with some beer-inspired Science: make your own hydrometer and the exponential decay of the froth on your pint. After a quick buffet, the evening finished with an ‘Ask the Experts’ session in which John and Nigel were joined by Dave Pickersgill from Sheffield CAMRA. A repeat is planned for Science Week 2016.

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