The Harlequin now has a dedicated Cider Bar meaning that 3 of its 14 real ciders are available on hand pull. The rest are still available, obviously, but if you’re desperate for a pint to fill the 30 seconds required for someone to run to the cellar, you’ll not be left thirsty. Harlequin pic The pub also creates it’s own blends my mixing the ciders available – why not be brave and give it a go? They’re happy to advise you on their own favourite blends! Don’t forget you can also book your own Tasting Nights for any of the ales, ciders, or spirits. Additionally the food menu is being re-launched. As well as some of the old favourites, many of which are made with real ales and ciders, they will also be introducing new items. Anyone for Beer Battered Fish & Chips? Following on from the success of their charity quiz night held in aid of homeless charity Roundabout, the menu will feature a special burger with 50p of the purchase price donated to Roundabout. Vegetarian and vegan versions will also be available as well as the traditional beef burger. Eat, drink, and do something helpful at the same time!

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