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Thornbridge beers are gaining popularity worldwide with exports growing in over 30 countries during the past 5 years.  And as the number of their international beer fans grow “Partnerships, says Simon Webster, Thornbridge’s Chief Operating Officer, with importers and those managing bars that stock Thornbridge are crucial to ensure our beers reach the drinker in the best of condition”.

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Paul  Leeyen has been stocking Thornbridge beers for 3 years at his bar in Den Bosch in the Netherlands and has been  delighted with the response from his customers “high quality and a great variety of beer styles sets Thornbridge amongst the top breweries we deal with. Working with them and their importer Bier&cO has been a really positive experience”.

Paul has been so delighted with his Thornbridge partnership that he approached the brewery about the idea of opening a Thornbridge Bar in Den Bosch. “After visiting the brewery in late 2014 I was blown away by the passion for their beers that everyone at Thornbridge demonstrated. I knew that if I could find the correct site in ’s-Hertogenbosch  then a Thornbridge bar would be a great success”. After months of looking for the right site Paul has now found one and has been busy working with Thornbridge and Bier&cO with an aim of opening the Thornbridge@’s-Hertogenbosch on the 4th September.

Webster is excited by the concept “it really continues what we have been doing in the UK and on export – find and work with people who are as passionate about beer as we are and have skills that complement what we wish to do with Thornbridge beers. In Bier and Co we have an experienced importer and likewise with Paul. When we visited his current bar in ’s-Hertogenbosch, we knew our beers are in safe hands. So when he approached us to develop the Thornbridge Bar it excited us and it has been a lot of fun planning what we are sure will be a great success”.


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