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Steel City’s latest brew The Light At The End Of The World sold out before the casks were filled – in fact when the last cask was filled there wasn’t so much as a pint leftover for ‘quality control’! Look out for it at the Shakespeare and at the Steel City Beer Festival (well when the festival’s named after the brewery it’d be rude not to…), and the festival special Chasing The Dragon which has added Komodo Dragon Chillies in the cask! The main brew will also be appearing at Nottingham Beer Festival (7-10 October) along with the chilli (Scotch Bonnets this time) and lime version Death In Fire, and a week later Wakefield Beer Festival will have a kiwi-fruit version. The final part of the unholy trinity of chillies is the Ghost Pepper version, Her Ghost In The Fog, which will be bottled and exclusive to Beer Central and Cotteridge Wines of Birmingham.

TMB15 Light v2

Meanwhile, the ‘away collaboration’ at Landlocked, Stone Sour, is also out. There should be three different versions at Sheffield beer festival: the ‘base’ version which is a ‘straightforward’ lactic-mash sour beer, a version primary fermented with brettanomyces, and a version primary fermented with ‘normal’ yeast then reseeded with brettanomyces. Hopefully they should all taste very different despite only the yeast being different, and will provide an interesting contrast when tried side-by-side.

The next brew, a home collaboration with Bridestones, is a tribute to Nightmare on Elm St creator Wes Craven, who passed away last month. In a pun worthy of Abbeydale, the guys have created a milk stout named Craven d’Ale. As well as lactose, the brew also features a generous quantity of malted oats and plenty of Bramling Cross hops. For a full breakfast stout a few casks will have coffee added to become Macchiato.



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