Steel City

A mere 18 months after Dave and Shazz travelled to Hebden Bridge to brew So Craft It Hurts at Bridestones Brewery, they finally managed to coordinate a day for Dan to come to Sheffield for the return collaboration. The brewday from hell saw the transfer from copper to fermenter take seven hours rather than the usual 60-90 minutes, Dave finally leaving the brewery at 0030! Hopefully it’ll all be worth it when we get to taste Craven D’Ale milk oat stout at 4.6%. For the limited edition Macchiato, Dave has teamed up with local coffee roaster Buckshot who supplied their ‘The One’ Espresso Blend, which was cold-steeped and added to the cask. Local coffee roasters seem to be a booming industry, with new roasters cropping up almost as fast as new breweries! TMB16 Craven'd Ale The minikit went a lot more smoothly to produce an as-yet-unnamed imperial milk stout at around 8%, a pin of which will go to the Shakespeare with the remainder being bottled, look out for it at Beer Central and Hop Hideout. Meanwhile, the Beer Central collaboration Mango Fruit Machine proved very popular, the 60 bottles selling out within 6 hours of going on sale! The next exclusive is for Cotteridge Wines, one keykeg and 60 bottles of Maple & Vanilla Porridge Stout. Upcoming collaborations include a gose with North Riding entitled Get In The Sea and a return to Hopcraft, no idea what it’ll be but it’ll be the third in the Insult to History series.  

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