Emmanuales have been brewing beers of biblical proportions commercially since the start of 2015. Drawing inspiration from the Christian faith and tradition, and the heritage of beer making throughout the history of the church, Emmanuales aims to both nourish the body and the soul, with a heart on sleeve approach of ‘sharing the Good News one beer at a time’. Emmanuale Emmanuales have proven popular throughout Sheffield’s bottle shops and delis, often selling out within 24 hours, as was the case with Beer Central and Urban Pantry. Owner and head brewer Nick Law has been described as ‘the modern monk’ – balding, brewing and worshipping. Having started Emmanuales as a ‘hobby business’, brewing commercially from his kitchen in Walkley, Nick has recently upscaled by brewing on The Sheffield Brewery Company’s pilot kit. ‘For the past six months, it’s become apparent that our ‘Jesus Beer’ (as it is quickly becoming known) has gained in popularity. So much so, we’ve struggled to keep up with the demand from consumers and retailers alike.’ says Nick. ‘What started off as a hobby and a “side business” (believe me, there is no such thing) has spawned into a monster that is bursting out of our cellar and whose tentacles take over nearly every room in our house, not to mention our inordinately small freezer, which now has a shelf dedicated to hops. There has been a continued need to upscale since we started and, in particular, since we gained momentum. So, naturally, we’re eternally grateful to Pete, Tim and the team at The Sheffield Brewery Company for accommodating us within their space’ Emmanuales are currently gearing up for Christmas by brewing two of their core range – Jonah and the Pale and O Hoppy Day – and a selection of festive beers, including The First Noalë, Midnight Mass and ‘Tis the Saison.

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  1. I have to say this brewery is very popular in our house and is usually sold out in Walkley, I am glad they are expanding as I feel they offer something different and unique amongst Sheffields now many brewers.

  2. How can we buy a selection please? We live in Newcastle upon Tyne. It’s a gift for our pastor who is leaving.

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