Welbeck Abbey Brewery

There are three monthly specials released in November. Nightingale, an English IPA brewed with Goldings and UK Cascade at 5.5% is a celebration of English hops and traditional brewing. Golden and well-rounded this is a great expression of English hops and barley malt, taking its name from one of Welbeck’s cropfields. Nightingale Porter Oak, a new brew for this year is a strong, spiced bonfire beer- brewed at 5.0%. It’s a dark libation with caramels, liquorice and a hint of smoke; perfect to warm the cockles of your heart on a cold November evening. On the estate there once stood two oak trees named the Porter Oaks; one of which still stands at over 500 years old. This beer celebrates the heritage and forestry management that has survived throughout the many years in the estate’s productive history and long may it continue. Ernest George is a deep ruby ale brewed at 4.2% and has earned its badge as a clear favourite among pub goers throughout our delivery radius. Ernest George was an architect who laboured to rebuild and restore one of the wings of Welbeck Abbey after it was completely destroyed by fire in 1900. This beer pays homage to the great man and has been brewed in the style of the era using a carefully balanced blend of roasted malts to give distinctive coffee and chocolate notes.

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