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  Things have been quite hectic down in Wombwell over a very busy Festive period and there’s been little let up in the early part of 2016. January saw the return of our ever popular Winter Pale Ale a 4.5% pale golden ale with citrus and grapefruit aroma with a good bitterness.  This was complemented by the deep ruby KASHMIR  also 4.5%. A crisp, spicy ale with a malty taste and bitter fruit finish. As February approaches we will be busy brewing Drop Kick a 4% pale beer to celebrate the Rugby 6 Nations Tournament and ever hopeful that the England will produce a better performance than in last year’s Rugby World Cup!  Also in February Requiem is a rich malty premium bitter with predominately spicy, earthy overtones.  This one’s a Steve Bunting recipe and brew, but clearly creating fantastic beers isn’t quite exciting enough for Steve as the intrepid adventurer is off on an African Safari this February. It’ll be interesting to see what beer ideas he comes back with after this next trip. acorn brewing image Steve in action with his new compact digital SLR he’s bought for the Safari Steve being away will give the opportunity for Bruce to get a few more brews in, along with a couple of the other lads, and who knows we may see the maestro himself – Mr Hughes getting his wellies back on to create a gyle or two. Acorn’s Brewery Tap – The Old No 7 in Barnsley closed its’ doors for a few days during January for the builders to come in and carry out some upgrading work to the facilities – in other words ‘New Loos for the New year ’. At the same time we took the opportunity to refresh some of the décor, but not too much, as some of our regulars didn’t want us to go and ‘spoil’ the old place by making too many changes. acorn blanc Finally back to the beer – We’ve been really pleased with the most recent series of single German hopped IPA’s with the Mandarina and Hallertau Blanc proving really popular and we’ve great expectations for the Polaris. All in all a really good start to 2016

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