The Three Tuns is now an ACV! Sheffield CAMRA ACV applications – update

On 13th April, the Three Tuns became the first Sheffield pub, nominated by Sheffield & District CAMRA, to become an Asset of Community Value (ACV). Congratulations to all concerned for this notable achievement.

Three Tuns [216482]

We note that the official SCC response considers that the Three Tuns ‘ offers such events to encompass a large area that could conceivably encompass all of Sheffield itself. … the Property and its stated uses attract the local working community who consider the Property as their local meeting place as well as users from further afield.’

We believe that these statements are significant as it indicates that Sheffield City Council has moved away from seeing ACV status as something which only concerns the geographically-local residential community. The ‘community’ for a pub can extend for many miles – prime examples are pubs located at railway stations. For example; the Sheffield Tap ‘community’ encompasses many who live geographically distant.

Sheffield CAMRA have submitted 15 applications to Sheffield CC – ten were submitted in late July 2015, nine (rejection) decisions were received just before Christmas 2015, almost 5 months since the original Applications. The 2011 Localism Act states that Council have 8 weeks to determine ACV applications.

In our opinion the all our applications to SCC clearly reached the statutory test outlined by the Government and showed how the pubs furthered the social wellbeing and social interests of the community. This was confirmed by our colleagues at CAMRA HQ who compared our documentation to successful applications in other parts of the country. It was also confirmed by conversations at the recent CAMRA Members Weekend in Liverpool.

At the time of writing we have had no decision for the Castle Inn (Bradway). The delay is over eight months. We believe that this delay is a record – no other council has had an application for so long and not made a decision.

We have made a formal complaint to the SCC Monitoring Officer who has responded: ‘I have asked for a review to understand the cause of the delays. Changes will be made shortly to ensure the Council is meeting the statutory timescales.’

Sheffield CAMRA will be making further ACV applications to SCC in the near future.

Dave Pickersgill
Pub Heritage Officer, Sheffield and District CAMRA


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