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Firstly, a massive thank you to everyone who came down to our tenth annual Sunfest at the Rising Sun! It was a record breaking year for us and the perfect way to celebrate our 20th birthday. Not Just Jam, our charity beer brewed with Seven Hills WI in support of Light Sheffield, was the first to run out in the beer tent, and the WI themselves raised over £800 selling tasty cakes and bakes! We still have collection boxes to tot up and proceeds from the sale of the beer to add on, but expect the full total to be donated to Light to be over £2000. We hope you all enjoyed the weekend as much as we did. Abbeydale Olympic Gains Onto what’s available this month! First up, in honour of a certain sporting event happening in Rio throughout August, we have Doctor Morton’s O’Limpet Gains, sure to win a gold medal with an abundance of Simcoe, Sorachi Ace, and new TNT hops! The return of Abbey Ale follows shortly after, a firm favourite amongst the Abbeydale team…  A hop driven American style IPA coming in at 5.5%. In a first for Abbeydale, we’re also releasing a sour! Rango Mango is the brainchild of brewer Jim Rangeley and will be the juiciest yet in our Signature Series. As the name suggests, it’s going to bursting with tropical fruitiness from the mango pulp used, backed up by a “metric f***ton” (Jim’s words) of Galaxy hops, all at a thirst-quenching 4% ABV. Abbeydale dry hopped pale Deception will be getting a birthday makeover this month too, keep your eyes on our social media for further details on this one! And August is rounded off with Doctor Morton’s Myar Skikt and A-Peach-iation, another fruity one for the summer. Let’s just hope we get some beer garden worthy weather at last! Cheers, Laura

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