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Chantry Brewery pays homage to Wild West

Chantry Brewery is planning to offer a true taste of the Wild West with its new Native American inspired September special. Snoqualmie (5.2%) is a powerfully hopped pale which brings together seven different US hop varieties. It takes its name from the Snoqualmie tribe which has approximately 600 members who live in Washington State, an area also used for hop growing.

The idea for the unusually themed ale was developed by head brewer Mick Warburton after a recent pow-wow with a US-based brewer. After spending time researching the different hop varieties produced in the US, he began experimenting with the idea of creating a brew using hops which take their names from Native American tribes.

The resulting brew includes Willamette, Cascade and Chinook hop varieties. Subtle fruit and floral flavours are complimented by a strong hoppy bitterness resulting in a complex brew which is packed with taste.

snoqualmie Pump Clip Art (002)

Mick said: “This beer is without doubt one of the most unusual ones I’ve produced. It’s one which has been in the planning stages for a number of months and when using such a high number of different hop varieties it was important to balance the flavours to create the unique taste.”

“Making a beer with lots of hop varieties takes a lot of preparation, as it can be easy for one variety to dominate another, but I’m really pleased with the end result and we decided to complete our North American adventure by commissioning special artwork for the pump clip.”

Snoqualmie will be available from the beginning of September in selected pubs for a limited period.

New canned beer range launched

Chantry Brewery is releasing a number of beers from its core range in cans. At present, the brewery’s award-winning Iron & Steel bitter (4.0%), New York Pale (3.9%), Steelos (4.1%) and Mighty Millers (5.5%) are available in the new format.

The beers are available from all Chantry pubs and can also be ordered via the brewery website:

In addition to providing its beers in the new cans, the brewery also sells a selection of its beers including the powerful Special Reserve (6.3%) in mini kegs which can also be purchased from its brewery taps.

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  1. This is a powerful sweet draught that is an absolute bargain – get down to Wspoons and sup your fill

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