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‘Summit’ special There’s something a little unusual about Stancill’s latest beer offering, which showcases the powerful US-produced Summit hops within the new special. Taking its name for the hop variety featured in the new beer, Summit (4.5%) is a pale ale which explores many of the different flavour characteristics associated with the relatively new hop variety. The idea for a beer being produced exclusively using Summit hops was developed by Stancill’s head brewer Dean Pleasant who wanted to explore the unusual tangerine and citrus flavours associated with Summit hops. First produced in 2003, Summit is a relatively new dwarf hop variety and, according to Dean, one which can pack a powerful punch! Dean said: “Summit hops are typically used in IPAs and pale ales because of the strong flavours it develops. Beers produced using Summit hops can have a relatively unusual taste, depending on the quantities of the hops used.” “They typically have noticeable pine characteristics within their aroma, whilst some brewers who have used large quantities of the hops have reported their beers have tasted of onions and garlic, meaning that it’s definitely a hop variety which needs to be treated with a certain degree of respect! Our Summit beer relies entirely on the summit hops for its flavourings from this relatively new hop variety.” Employee of the month receives special beery treat! She joined Stancill Brewery less than two months ago, but new Business Development Manager Lucy Machin has already found herself immortalised in the mash tun after helping the brewery to achieve a record-breaking month in terms of new business orders. Lucy’s efforts impressed the brewery bosses so much that when planning their latest special beer, Stancill decided to reward her efforts by naming it in in her honour. The new special brew, simply called Lucy, is a classic English pale ale with a twist and uses three varieties of English hops to create a refreshing, easy drinking brew which can be enjoyed all year round. Fuggle hops give this brew a delicate, floral aroma, while Styrian and First Gold hops provide a balanced taste with plenty of flavour. Lucy said: “I’ve worked in jobs where employees receive treats for their efforts, but never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that there would be a beer available to drink in Sheffield which has been named after me!” Thomas Gill, Managing Director of Stancill Brewery said: “In recent months we’ve used our special brews as a way of thanking the efforts of our staff. Last month apprentice brewer Jonathan decided to name our special after his son, and we wanted to use our September special to reflect the sheer hard work and dedication Lucy has invested in her new role with the brewery.” Lucy and Summit are both available in selected pubs throughout South Yorkshire including Stancill’s brewery taps The Horse and Jockey, Wadsley, the Norfolk Arms, Grenoside and the recently re-opened Albion on London Road and CAMRA members receive a 20% discount on all Stancill real ales sold within the pubs.

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