Lost Industry Brewing

Howdo folks, what a busy month!  There seems to be the odd festival on at the minute. We have plenty of new beery stuff coming out at the minute.  To get into the autumnal spirit we have Serie Saison – Le Pommier (6.8%), an apple saison brewed with belle saison yeast and just a hint of cinnamon, a collaboration with Ben of Brimming with Beer in Brimmington.  Also fresh out is Neon Kiwi (4.6%), a kettle-soured ale with kiwi fruit and a collab with our friends at Neon Raptor.  Last but not least, we have introduced a range of cask pale ales Shade of Pale (4.6%). We have created several varieties of this beer, dry-hopping and dry-fruiting (if that’s a thing!) in the cask.  Keep an eye out for these (a few will be appearing at Steel City Beer Festival). So far we have: raspberry/vanilla, passionfruit, Sorachi Ace/chilli, Citra, orange/lemon/Citra, blueberry, forest fruits and pink grapefruit. Oh, and we’re pleased(ish!) to announce that Dave Unpronounceable of Steel City infamy will be taking up some of our space (and generally messing things up) for the foreseeable future! And finally, we are proud to announce that we have adopted six oak barrels (four whisky and two red wine) and hope to be expanding our souring program in the near future.

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