Welbeck Abbey Brewery

The Christmas countdown is on and we’ve got some amazing special brews this season to fill you with that festive cheer! All three of our specials this Christmas are brand-spanking new and we are really excited to share them with you.We start December with Virgin’s Wing. This lightly hopped festive brew uses the German Mandarina Bavaria variety, giving a suitably seasonal hint of clementines. With a lower ABV of just 3.8% this beer is dangerously drinkable. Our next special is The Rink, named after an ice and roller rink built by the 5th Duck of Portland this stout was inspired by one of Big Brewer Tom’s home-brews. At a healthy 5.2% ABV this ale is brewed using a carefully chosen blend of roasted barleys and malted oats to create a sumptuously smooth, velvety stout this winter. Finally from our Brewers Choice range we have Jacob’s Jazzy Jumpers. Jacob is the first brewery child, the progeny of brewer Tom and manager Claire, and is famous for his array of Aunty Jean’s spectacular hand-knitted jumpers. He enjoys spending time at the local pub with the team, a pint (of milk), and a bowl of strawberries. This tremendously fruity IPA is made with Citra and Summit hops and boasts a spectacular 5.8% ABV. And lastly as always don’t forget to pick up some tickets for our 2018 brewery tour dates. Great as a Christmas gift for a friend (and of course for yourself), it’s the gift that keeps on giving! For details on how to book see our ad. A very happy holidays from all of us here at the brewery! Jess Low

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