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Steel City’s Stout Wars collab with Emperor’s and Lost Industry was a massive pain in the proverbial to brew, and they would never be so silly as to try anything like that again and how about we do another version bigger and stronger and barrel-ier? The guys got together in August to drink rum and cause havoc brew a new Stout Wars trilogy, the grain grist was the same as last time but with slightly less water (sorry, liquor) and extra demerara sugar. As a result the OG was a huge 1118. Unlike last time the whole brew will be barrel aged, and to put the ‘wars’ in Stout Wars this time there’s an element of competition – each of the three breweries selected a different barrel and a different adjunct, and at the launch event at the Rutland (late this year or early next year) anyone who tries all four parts of the trilogy (very Douglas Adams) will be able to vote for their favourite. The fourth part of the trilogy is similar to last time, the second runnings of the grain being soured, fermented, bretted, and aged in a red wine barrel with cherries. The three ‘main’ episodes are being kept under wraps for now, we could tell you but we’d have to kill you… Recent collaborations have included three at Imperial, a super-bitter Transatlantic Pale Ale called You’re My Mate in aid of the charity Mind, a rhubarb & custard white stout which was devised entirely to fit the name, Let’s Get Ready to Crumble, and in conjunction with the Rutland a citra & topaz Transatlantic Pale Ale entitled Hell Is Empty And All The Devils Are Here (named after the Anaal Nathrakh album, not the quote from that Shakespeare bloke, obviously). The next brew is another collab with the Rutland, once again a beer devised to fit the name, in this case Black Cascade (a Wolves In The Throne Room album, as you’ll all know…). As you might expect, the concept is a Cascade-hopped Black IPA, but the twist is the brew will be split with one batch being a Sour Black IPA. Dave Unpronounceable

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