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I just wanted to quickly kick off our news this month by saying a huge thank you to everyone who joined us for Funk Fest. It was something totally out of the ordinary for our brilliant beery city, but you all embraced it! And it was a really proud weekend for us all to see our sour and mixed fermentation beers going down so well alongside releases from other breweries at the absolute top of their game. Cheers!

Onto what we’ve got coming up during October. Our brew plan is having to be a little on the flexible side this month as we’re undergoing another expansion! With four new tanks on the way, it’s a very exciting time for us but does mean that telling you all when we’ll be releasing things gets a bit more tricky as we get everything into commission.

Providing all goes to plan, we’ve got another collaboration out this month, this time with Haand Bryggeriet who joined us all the way from Norway to create our first ever Brut IPA, a style which is very much in the spotlight at the moment. Splash It All Over will be a 6.5% brut-ifully aromatic and bone dry IPA with Ekuanot, Enigma and Eureka hops. It’ll also be the next release showcasing the artwork of Lewis Ryan… we hope you’ve saved your Creeping Brett label as this collaboration is to be the next piece of our little jigsaw!

Seeing as it’s October, we’re as usual embracing Halloween and will be bringing back the much acclaimed Iced Tea Dead People (4.6%), a peach infused iced tea inspired beer using the “Princess Peach” blend from our friends at Birdhouse Tea Co. Pilgrim (5.0%) is also making a return with a delicious combination of autumnal spices and I’m ridiculously excited about this one heading into can this year!

Beyond that, I ain’t promising anything other than Moonshine. There’ll always be Moonshine.


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