Welbeck Abbey Brewery

Autumn has well and truly arrived here at the brewery and it feels like we’re already gearing up towards Christmas (yes, I said it!). We’re kicking off the season with three banging specials, including two brand new ones! We’ll start with the first of our new brews, Burning Firedog (4.3%). A robust, dry and roasty porter, it’s brewed to a traditional recipe using blackened British malts, and peppery English hops. Perfect for chilly evenings at the pub! Our next new brew this month is perfectly themed for October and aptly named Wheatsheaf. The Welbeck estate has for centuries been a farm and woodland, growing wheat as one of its major Autumn crops. Our brewing team wanted to show the fabulous brewing qualities of malted wheat through a true Oktoberfest-style, clovey wheat beer that boasts a stellar 5.8% ABV! Lastly from our Brewers Choice range we have Claire’s High Koalaty and pays tribute to our fearless leader Claire. Her favourite style of beer is what she terms a ‘dangerous IPA’. (fruity, refreshing and devilishly strong). She adores the slightly apricot flavours the ‘Summer’ hop from Australia brings, and has used them to infused this 5% IPA with lashings of seasonally fruity notes. Lastly, our 2019 brewery tour dates will be released later this month, so make sure you check out our Facebook page for dates and ticket details! Jess Low

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