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As ever we’ve been busily brewing new beers alongside a few old favourites in recent weeks. Just some of these include: Metis, a 5.5% shape-shifting nine grain stout we have released in a number of versions – including Chilli, Coffee, Almond Chocolate & Coffee and Maple Syrup – in very small runs; Gaia, a 4.3% dry hopped American amber ale; Mokoia, a 4.8% fruity and bitter Comet, Nelson and Citra hopped pale; Annona, a 4.2% Mosaic oatmeal pale; Aristaeus, a 4.7% heavily hopped lactose pale brewed with oats, wheat, dextrin malt and milk sugar for a full-bodied and tropical pale ale; Hesperidio, a 4.2% citrus peel pale; Appaloosa, a 6.0% New England IPA  rewed with a New England ale yeast and featuring bucket loads of late and dry hops; Mentha, a 5.0% mint chocolate milk stout and; Ekuanot IPA, a 5.5% single-hopped IPA.   If you want to try any of these brews your best bet is to head to the Sheaf View, Blake Hotel or Wellington or to call into our brewery tap room, which will be open on Saturday 6 October and Saturday 7 November. Popping down to our tap room will also give you the chance to see the facelift our brewery shutter doors have undergone courtesy of local artist, Zoe Genders, who has done a fantastic job painting them with an original hop cone design. We are also delighted to once again be sponsoring the Steel City Beer Festival. Festival glassware will be branded with our logo and there will be five of our beers available on hand-pull throughout the festival, as well, hopefully, as a collaboration brew we’ll be involved in that is still to be confirmed at the the time of writing. Gavin Martin

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