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First of all we’d like to wish a Happy Christmas from everyone at Blue Bee Brewery. Here’s an update of the beers we have been brewing recently… First up we have Citra Session (3.4%), a vegan, single-hopped session oat pale showcasing American Citra hops which impart big flavours of mango and lychee. Oats are added to the mash to give body to this low-ABV beer. On top of this we have brewed a second milkshake beer, this time a Peach Milkshake Pale (5.0%). This beer has been brewed using lactose and oats to give a creamy body. It has generous amounts of peaches and is hopped with peachy, American El Dorado hops. We have also brewed an extra-special Eureka session pale in collaboration with the Independent Salford Beer Festival which is taking place on Thursday 29 November to Saturday 1 December 2018. This beer showcases the fairly new Eureka variety of hop with its very strong bittering qualities and complex, robust flavour and aroma. It is said to impart flavours of citrus, resin, tropical and dark fruit along with aromas of grapefruit rind, citrus and tangerine.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a tasty Christmas special beer so returning for a second year is It’s Mine (4.8%). This chocolate orange stout is our take on the famous Christmas treat.


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