A guide to Covid safe pubgoing

Pubs and bars have gradually been reopening from 4 July and things will be a little different whilst Covid-19 safety rules are in force. Below is CAMRA’s rough guide to the new way of pubgoing, updated to reflect the September changes to government guidance. Note additional comments at the end regarding changes from 14th October. Check out WhatPub for all the information we have about which pubs are reopening and when. Links are also provided to the pub’s website and social media for more details, including any changes to opening hours. If you are using public transport to get to the pub, check out the Travel South Yorkshire website for current timetables and social distancing arrangements and don’t forget your face covering, which is now a legal requirement on public transport and in taxis (unless you have a valid exemption)! So how do things work now? As each pub, bar and food hall are unique and different, there are some differences in the way they are doing things but all the basics are the same in line with government Covid-Safe guidelines with the management and staff working hard to ensure they are providing a clean, safe and comfortable environment to enjoy food and drink:
  • When you arrive you will normally be greeted by a member of staff who will take your NHS Test & Trace contact details (you can either using the new NHS app or the venues own system), ask you to sanitise your hands and show you to a freshly cleaned table. Some venues may require you to book a table in advance, some are walk-in and some a mixture of both.
  • You must have a table, standing in pubs to drink is no longer permitted and unfortunately once all tables are taken no more customers are allowed in.
  • Pubs now operate table service (how civilised!). You are asked where possible to look at drinks menus either printed or online rather than perusing pump clips at the bar.
  • A maximum of 6 people may sit together and you shouldn’t mix with other groups. The same rules now apply both indoors and outdoors.
  • Social distancing arrangements may be in place such as one way systems, separate entrances and exits and limitations of the numbers in the toilets at any one time.
  • Contactless card payments are preferred in venues that accept them as this reduces the risk of Coronavirus being spread through cash handling. Some venues are taking orders and payments online either via a website or an app.
  • You are asked not to move furniture around as the positions are all measured out to comply with social distancing rules.
  • You should follow social distancing advice at all times including if you are outside smoking or queuing to gain entry as well as within the venue.
  • Use your “indoor voice”, shouting can potentially spread germs further. Venues will keep any music and TV to background level to ensure raised voices are not necessary.
  • You must wear a face covering when not sat at your table (so when you arrive and are shown to a table along with when you need to move around the venue such as to visit the toilets for example).
  • All pubs, restaurants and takeaways must be closed with everyone out by 10pm. It is expected that the bars will stop serving around 9:30pm to allow drinking up time so you should ensure you have your last drink (and any take home purchases) by then.
Please be nice to the staff implementing the new rules. They are government rules designed to keep everyone safe through the pandemic, if the staff do not manage the pub in a covid-secure manner they could be closed down! FROM 14th OCTOBER – NEW 3 TIER LOCAL RESTRICTION SYSTEM In Tier 1 areas (Medium Alert) the above applies. In Tier 2 areas (High Alert) an additional rule of not being allowed to be indoors with people from outside your own household applies (therefore if you go to the pub with anyone you do not live with you will need a table outside, unless they are in your support bubble). In Tier 3 areas (Very High Alert) you can only go to pubs if you are having a meal
>> Government Guidance >> CAMRA’s response to new 10pm close rule >> SAVE OUR PUBS – Email your MP to ask pubs get government support to survive the restrictions

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