National lockdown from 5 January

The government have announced a new national lockdown with an instruction to stay at home except for various permitted reasons such as shopping, work and excercise, which should be done locally to where you live.

Food and drink retail is classed as essential and you can continue to buy beer from supermarkets and off licences.

Pubs, bars and restaurants can continue to serve takeaway food and non-alcoholic drinks, however it appears from the new guidelines they can only include alcohol in home deliveries.

You can read the guidelines on the government website.

Pubs setting up a home delivery service that urgently need a website and app to take orders on may wish to consider, the low cost platform set up by CAMRA and SIBA.

More on this subject soon… please continue to support pubs, local breweries and independent specialist beer shops where you can and also more importantly stay safe!

Breweries in our area offering home delivery of cans, bottles and minikegs

Pubs offering takeaway and/or delivery

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