Chantry Brewery

Chantry Brewery recently welcomed three new 40-barrel vessels into their premises at Parkgate, Rotherham. Previously used as storage, the team made the decision to expand into their second unit due to the popularity of their award-winning ales. They found a better way to utilise the space by adding in their new vessels which each hold 12,670 pints!

Director and Co-Owner, Mick Warburton is enthralled by the expansion plans, and he puts their success down to brewing ales that are only made with the finest ingredients and no added sugars. When asked about their expansion, Mick said:

“We had no choice really; we’d outgrown our original 20-barrel capacity. We have a fantastic, loyal customer base that we’re very grateful for – we couldn’t let them down! We decided to add extra vessels so there’s enough Chantry ales to go round.”

This year, Chantry Brewery will be celebrating 10 years of brewing and what a way to mark it! The new custom-built vessels from Moeschle will enable the team to supply the nation with 38,010 extra pints of ale!

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