Itchy Pig 2

The Itchy Pig at Broomhill has rapidly established itself as a real ale haven in the west of the city, winning CAMRA Sheffield West Pub Of The Year the last two years. The owner Ted Finley has now opened a second outlet, this time in Banner Cross. 

Keeping with the same styling (including a bar made with two pence pieces) and friendly atmosphere that has made the original so successful, The Itchy Pig 2 Banner Cross looks set to become a popular spot for locals, and anyone looking for a start point for an Ecclesall Road crawl. 

Richard Storey, one of the managers at Broomhill has transferred over to run the bar, which features six handpulls and 12 keg taps. In addition to an ever changing ranges of guest beers, often from local breweries, there will always be at least one low alcohol tap and one cider. 

The opening weekend was very busy with employees from a number of local breweries in attendance lending their support. It looks like the Itchy Pig Broomhill might have some competition for next year’s Sheffield West Pub of the Year award. Oh, and if you pay with cash, make sure there isn’t a 2p in with your change, if you drop it on the bar you might not find it again. 


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Paul has been a committee member since 2014, as well as being on the festival committee. ‘I have enjoyed all the various roles I have played in that time, particularly my functions at [the 2017] festival, and I was delighted to be press-ganged into being the Festival Organiser for [the following] year (thanks Louise!). ‘As well as being fond of “lowering a couple for the tonsils”, I'm also a big music fan, particularly live music. Feel free to stop me for a chat anytime you see me in the pub (particularly if you want to sponsor something at the festival).’

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