Brewery Bits

Grizzly Grains have released a new beer hopped with Citra and Belma, named “Get Going”. Expect big fruit flavours in this – ripe strawberry, pineapple and grapefruit. Available in cask and keg. Since then the brewery has received delivery of some Australian hops and Sam is looking forward to using them!

As with last year, Bradfield Brewery‘s August seasonal beer is Blueberry Ale, a refreshing malty session strength beer (4.4% ABV) with fruity, spicy overtones and a not too unusual blue tint to the head!

Fuggle Bunny Brew House continue to open every Friday for a tap session, selected dates now also has “As Tha Got Beef?” in attendance serving burgers up to go with your beer! Upcoming dates include 28 July, 18 August, 1 September and 15 September. Additionally they are opening Saturday 29 July from 2pm to 9pm with live music and pizza.

Triple Point Brewing had brought back their Kashmir Mountain IPA for the summer. It is a similar recipe to their award winning Debut IPA but at a more sessionable 4.4% and in terms of style combines the juiciness of a New England IPA with the bitterness of a West Coast IPA with just the right balance provided by the Centennial, Kashmir, Citra and Admiral hops.

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