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Paul has been a committee member since 2014, as well as being on the festival committee. ‘I have enjoyed all the various roles I have played in that time, particularly my functions at [the 2017] festival, and I was delighted to be press-ganged into being the Festival Organiser for [the following] year (thanks Louise!). ‘As well as being fond of “lowering a couple for the tonsils”, I'm also a big music fan, particularly live music. Feel free to stop me for a chat anytime you see me in the pub (particularly if you want to sponsor something at the festival).’

Steel City Beer Festival – 1975 to the present day

As we near the 2019 Steel City Beer & Cider Festival, it seems like the 500th edition of Beer Matters is a good opportunity to look back over the festival’s history. 1975 – 2018 The first festival was a single day affair, held in September 1975 at Sheffield University’s Tapton Hall of Residence and featured … Continue reading Steel City Beer Festival – 1975 to the present day